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Hi! I’m Jessica, a professional artist who creates original oil paintings on canvas capturing your furbaby's unique personality.


I specialize in hand-painting tribute memorial paintings that create a lasting memorial of beloved pets who have crossed over the rainbow bridge.


I work from your favorite photos to create a one-of-a-kind portrait. I can combine multiple photos, add your pet’s favorite toy or blanket, and customize backgrounds with your favorite color or scene.


My passion and goal for each unique pet painting is to create a beautiful celebration of the love and life of your furbaby that brings joy, comfort, and peace in your home.

A Heartwarming Keepsake of your Furbaby 


My Custom Pet Paintings

My paintings aren't just a copy from your photo. Each painting is unique to each pet, capturing their personality and spirit. It's important to me to create a painting that's as special as your furbaby. My paintings are customizable where I can change the cropping, add in parts of the body not shown, change the background to your favorite color or scene, add your pet's favorite toy, and I can also combine multiple photos for a one-of-a-kind portrait celebrating your furbaby's life. My custom pet paintings are loving keepsakes of your furbaby that will last forever.


My original oil paintings have a realistic, detailed style with a focus on beautiful light, color, and background space. I work in many blended layers with textured brushstrokes, and very small details. I use quality oil paints in a neutral color and gradually add layers of brighter color and detail that give it a one-of-a-kind realistic and painterly look. After the painting is dry, I add a glossy varnish to bring out the details, texture, and expression. Each painting is ready to hang (or easy to frame yourself) on a gallery wrap canvas.

Oil Painting Examples

This is a specialty custom painting of 9 dogs having a fun pool party in the summer. This is an example of one of my larger sized portraits, measuring 30x40" inches. I created this painting using multiple photographs of the dogs and various angles of the landscape background to work from. 


This is a loving tribute painting of Levi from Texas. It was ordered as a surprise gift to help comfort a dear friend with saying goodbye to her furbaby and best friend. Levi's portrait shows him in his comfy spot snuggling his much loved favorite blanket.

This is a special tribute memorial of Sheba from Minnesota. She crossed the rainbow bridge while still young, but she knew how much she was loved everyday by her pet-parents. I used two different photos to create Sheba's portrait: one of her sweet face and one of flowers from her backyard. I added in some missing details from the original photo to capture her beautiful markings and sweet, loving spirit.

This is sweet baby-face June from Vermont. She has gorgeous green eyes and beautiful soft fur. She has such a delicate, feminine personality and nature that really shows through here.

This is a tribute memorial portrait of Moose from Maine. The beautiful sky blue background compliment's his gorgeous eyes, silky coat, and gentle demeanor. The petite sweet heart canvas comes with an organza ribbon for hanging. Moose's painting was the perfect, thoughtful birthday gift for a friend.

This is a special tribute memorial painting of Abby from South Carolina. Abby was 11 years old and her pet parents describe her as the "center of their world". I wanted Abby's painting to focus on her beautiful striking eyes and confident pose. You can tell she knew how special she was everyday. I simplified the background with light coming in from the window to highlight Abby's eyes and whiskers.

This is a special tribute memorial painting of Leona from South Carolina. A client ordered this portrait as a surprise gift for her boyfriend. I combined two favorite photos, one with beautiful lighting and one showing Leona's big smile. It captures her unique distinctive eyes, smile, and expressive personality. I love how the muted neutral-olive green background compliments her portrait.

This is a special tribute memorial of Lilla from Iowa. I created this portrait using different photos. I added in Lilla's favorite red blanket and her favorite toy with a full body portrait. It's a beautiful tribute to her sweet spirit and a celebration of her happy life.

This is a special tribute memorial of Henry from California. It captures his loving, sweet, playful, and gentle nature with a soft light blue gradient background. The petite sweet heart canvas comes with an organza ribbon for hanging (or a frame can be added at additional cost). This portrait was ordered with a frame. Henry's painting was the perfect, thoughtful gift between two friends.

This is a special tribute memorial painting of Stormy and Cloud from Washington. They were best buddies and enjoyed doing everything together. I combined three photos for their custom portrait: one photo of them together, one of the meadow, and one of the flowers. The client wanted them to be in a beautiful space that they would enjoy, so we decided on a sunny meadow with delicate flowers.

This is a special tribute memorial painting of Lucy from Portland, Oregon. This painting shows her sweet, gentle nature and beautiful soulful eyes.

This is Watson from Vermont. He is a spunky, fun-loving dog that loves spending time outdoors running and playing in the grass and sunshine.

This is Stanley from Minnesota. He is a traditional chocolate seal point siamese with gorgeous sky blue eyes and a big sweet personality. I love that he is hanging out in the tree with summer leaves and the beautiful sky.

This is a special tribute memorial painting of Axel from Wisconsin. He is still dearly loved and missed by his pet-parents. This painting celebrates his happy life with a big smile and sparkly eyes. His big personality and playful character really shows through with his red bandana and adorable socks. Lovin' his big smile here <3

This is a special tribute memorial painting of Grace from Illinois. Her painting really captures her big smile and fun-loving demeanor.

This is a special tribute memorial portrait of Peaches from Massachusetts. Her favorite spot was watching tv on the couch with her pet-parents. A client ordered this portrait as a surprise gift for her dear friend. I hand-painted the name of her friend's pet rescue organization and Peaches' name in a soft neutral color. Her personality and big brown eyes show up wonderfully in this special gift portrait.

This is a very sweet, intimate moment capturing the love and affection between Atticus and Allison from Georgia. With soft lighting and atmosphere, their bond goes beyond words and can only be captured with the expressiveness of a painting.

This is Lucy and Charlie from Florida. Sweet Lucy crossed the rainbow bridge and Charlie is still with his family, enjoying being spoiled every day just like Lucy was. You can really see their close-bond and love they had for one another.

This is a special tribute memorial painting of Ryder from California. Ryder's favorite place was spending time at the beach in San Diego. I combined three different photos for this custom portrait: one of Ryder, one of a San Diego beach, and one of her bandana. I also changed the color of the bandana to purple. This portrait was a special, thoughtful surprise gift for a client's sister.

This is a special tribute memorial painting of The Buttercup from Montana. I used a wonderful photo of The Buttercup relaxing in her backyard. I adjusted the landscape to include lush grass and removed the weeds. The portrait captures The Buttercup's youthful spirit, sweet loving eyes, and beautiful sunlight.

This is a special tribute memorial painting of Luke from South Dakota. Luke had a long, wonderful 19 years with his family and was dearly loved. A client ordered this portrait as a surprise Mother's Day gift. There was only one photo of Luke that survived a house fire. I used this photo and was able to add in Luke's paws that were cropped off to complete a beautiful sweet moment capturing his personality and relaxed nature on his favorite spot on the family couch.

This is a special tribute memorial painting of Bella Bacon from Oregon. I love the photo I worked from. It's a great angle, taken in the grass where it makes you feel close to Bella Bacon. The portrait captures her beautiful coloring and sweet face in the sunlight.

This is a special tribute memorial painting of Spot and Mimi from Washington. They loved sitting in their favorite window keeping a lookout on the world, while catching some sunshine and fresh air.

This is a special tribute memorial portrait of Lily from Georgia. A client ordered this custom painting of his wife's sweet loyal family dog as a surprise gift. The focus for Lily's portrait is of her her soulful eyes and unique facial markings with a soft cream colored gradient background.

This is a special tribute memorial painting of Bambi from Oregon. She's enjoying a day going for a hike and playing in a creek by her home. This portrait captures her fun and playful nature at her favorite place for her adventures.

This is Cocoa from Minnesota. She is 17 years old and is proud of her cattitude and sass. This portrait really captures her strong personality, expression, and beautiful calico markings.

This is Olive from Georgia. With this confident pose, you can tell that she loves to be the center of attention, which is perfect for this painting. The sunny yellow and white floral pattern compliments her playful, upbeat personality and the sparkle in her eyes.

This is a special tribute painting of Uma in North Carolina. Uma recently went to the Rainbow Bridge. This painting shows her looking at us with a sweet expression. In the background, she is running on her favorite beach with soft rolling clouds and the sun shining down on her.

This is a large painting of Buddy in Minnesota. He is a big, sweet guy that loves taking his favorite pillow everywhere he goes.

This is a double portrait of Aurora and Bella from Oregon. I combined two photos for their portrait: one of Aurora and Bella snuggling together and one of a rural landscape. It captures their spunky, adventurous spirit and loving bond in the beautiful outdoors.

This is a special tribute painting of Mr. Mustachio from California. His painting captures his dapper personality and beautiful unique markings and gentleman's mustache.

"I love you to the moon and back" This is a sweet, lovely tribute memorial of Lola from Wisconsin. You can really see the warmth and gentle affection in her attentive eyes looking at you. This really captures her sweet nature and personality.

This is Max and Marty snuggling up together on their favorite blanket. They have super friendly personalities and love anyone who walks in the house and they want attention all the time regardless of what the person is doing. Furry-Cuddle-Brothers!


McGee, Gibbs, and Corey from Delaware. These buddies love hanging outside, enjoying the nice weather together.

This is Crusher, Atticus, and Croasty from Georgia. The modern-baroque style of the emerald green rug adds a maculine feeling and fun design element to the painting. The dramatic composition and lighting compliments these handsome boys and their spunky personality.

This is Tau from Minnesota. I captured his lively and bold personality with his head tilted and one ear perked up listening. He has a great attentive stare and a happy smile. The wood fence and grass in the background show his love of playing outdoors.

This is a special tribute memorial painting of Tilly in Maryland, a very sweet loving bunny.

This is baby Abby from Minnesota. She is very attentive and loves to follow her pet-parent around the home. I used many layers of brushstrokes to create a sense of energy and softness to match her personality.

This special tribute memorial portrait was created right before Calvin crossed over the rainbow bridge. It captures his spirit and the intensity of his beautiful yellow-amber eyes.

This is Brodie from Nebraska. You can tell what a big personality this little guy has! I just love that big, happy smile!

This is Kitty and Bear from Connecticut posed together in an 1800's presidential portrait style background with a velvet chair. They are such beautiful regal buddies.

This is a special tribute memorial painting of sweet furbuddies Mr. Jones and Shasta in Florida. They are on their favorite leopard print blanket.

This is a special tribute memorial painting of Sarah in Virginia at the Rainbow Bridge. Here she is peaceful and happy in the soft summer grass and beautiful rainbow bridge behind her.


Videos of My Painting Process


Tribute Memorial Paintings


Price & Size Options

How to Order

Step 1

Email me your favorite photos!

The best photos for a painting are clear, with good lighting that show your furbaby's face and eyes.


Step 2

Choose your canvas size

petite heart shape 


8x10" - 11x14 - 14x18 - 16x20

and Choose a background 

- color gradient, sky/clouds, or rainbow

(for the 8x10" size)

- your favorite color gradient 

 or custom background scene

(for the 11x14", 14x18", 16x20" sizes)

Step 3

Pay the half-deposit

I will send you a Paypal invoice after we discuss your photos, canvas size, and background you would like. After you make your payment, I'll start your painting! 


Estimated 3 - 4 weeks for the 8x10" size

Estimated 4 - 6+ weeks for 11x14" or larger sizes

*I will give you the completion date once we decide on the photo + details. The completion date depends on my current schedule, how many orders I have, and what type of painting you'd like. 

*Rush Orders are available at an additional cost


Paypal is my preferred method of payment

Checks/money orders are accepted, but I cannot start your painting until your payment clears.


A half-deposit is due when I start your painting. I will send you a Paypal invoice. You do not need a Paypal account to pay: there is a guest checkout option. Deposits are non-refundable since they cover material costs and time working on the painting. You will have time to review your completed painting before making your final payment. 


I will email you a photo of the finished painting for your approval. Minor changes can be made at this time. Major changes are subject to additional charge.


Your final payment + shipping cost is due at this time. I will send you a Paypal invoice. I'll prepare your painting for shipment after receiving payment. There are no refunds/returns with custom artwork. 


Fedex Ground or USPS First Class with insurance and signature confirmation (estimated arrival 3-5 days)

Rush shipping and international shipping are available at an additional cost. Please contact me to discuss options.


All sales are final. There are no refunds on custom artwork. Deposits are non-refundable. Your deposit books the commission time-slot and covers the artist's painting time including material costs to start your painting. The artist retains the copyright of the artwork and uses images of the artwork in both online and print media.

Gift Certificates

A gift certificate for a custom pet portrait or tribute memorial painting makes a special gift that your loved ones can cherish forever. 


Your loved one gets to choose their favorite photo and background color when they are ready to order. A digital printable gift certificate will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your order.

Choose Your Size
Gift certificates can be used to place an order at anytime. They do not expire. Free shipping is included. The recipient can also choose to upgrade to a larger size or add more pets at an additional cost if they choose. 

There are 2 payments: a half-deposit when I start your painting and the remaining payment is due when it is completed and you are happy with it.


Most Popular Stretched Canvas - Value Option

Single Pet Portrait. Realistic Style.

Oil painting on stretched canvas. 

Features your pet's face and shoulders.

Background options are: a beautiful color gradient, sky/clouds, or rainbow

8x10"_____$175 two payments (total $350)

Other Popular Stretched Canvas Options

Single Pet Portrait. Realistic Style. Oil painting on stretched canvas.

Features your pet's half or full body. Customizable background in either a beautiful color gradient or a detailed scene like a landscape or other scene of your choice. Your pet's favorite blanket and/or toy can be added.

11x14"______$275 two payments (total $550)

14x18"______$375 two payments (total $750)

16x20"_____$475 two payments (total $950)

*Please add $150 for each additional pet added in a painting. Please contact me for a price quote for people portraits added in a painting.

Square sizes available: 12x12", 14x14", 16x16", 18x18", 20x20", 24x24", 30x30"

Extra large sizes available: 18x24", 22x28", 30x40" (Shipping is additional)

Fedex Ground or USPS First Class with insurance and signature confirmation (estimated arrival 3-5 days)

*Free shipping is only for the 8x10", 11x14", 14x18" and 16x20" sizes. Extra large sizes will have an additional shipping cost.


Rush shipping and international shipping are available at an additional cost. Please contact me to discuss options.


Local pick up / delivery available in Minneapolis, MN


Happy Client Reviews

"The painting looks awesome! It honestly made me cry a bit. Thank you for doing this, as it will bring a lot of joy hanging in our house. Thank you again for everything.”

— Mark K. in South Carolina


Professional Artist​

Hi. I'm Jessica Marie. I'm a huge animal lover! We just lost our family dog Snickers (2012-2019), a happy-go-lucky 7 year old Pomeranian rescue, who was always smiling. I'm also a proud mom of a beautiful siamese cat who was almost 19 years old when she crossed over the rainbow bridge (Ms Morgan 1999-2017). 


I work full-time painting in my art studio in Minneapolis, MN. I grew up in North Carolina with five beautiful sweet Chow Chow dogs (Bear, Big Boy, Red, Scruffy, Buffy). When I was little, I had a Doberman Pinscher (George) and a mixed Black Lab (Cleo). Many of my furbabies have crossed the rainbow bridge now. I miss them all dearly and they will forever hold a special place in my heart. I dedicate all the art I create to them and the love we shared.


My passion is to create unique heart-warming paintings that brings happiness and celebrates the life and love of beloved pets.

Every oil painting I create is special, meaningful, and a one-of-a-kind piece of art that you can cherish forever. I customize your painting to show the expression, personality and spirit of your pets, loved ones, and of special memories that will last a lifetime.

My Experience

I've been painting in oils for over 20 years and selling my paintings online for 15 years. I have excellent reviews from my happy art buyers over the years. I also show my work at art galleries and events across the country.


I work full-time in my art studio located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I went to Syracuse University in NY for graduate studies in painting and have a BFA in Painting from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.


I was a gallery director and curator for exhibitions and art fairs. I've received art awards, grants, and have been featured on a tv segment, podcast, and magazines.

A Tribute to Snickers 2012-2019

A Tribute to Ms Morgan 1999-2017

About Me

Last year, I said goodbye to the love of my life Ms Morgan. She was two months from turning 19 years old. She was a rescue, abandoned twice in her earlier years. I gave her a safe, happy home and all my love for everyday she was in my life. I'm glad I got to spend one more precious day with her.


She was the most beautiful, sweetest, gentlest, smartest, bossiest, demanding, talkative, wonderful, and loving furbaby, and I cherish every day, every hour, every minute, and every second I had with her. I promised her I would take care of her and be there until her last breath. She went peacefully and let go with me holding her and kissing her.


I'm so grateful to have had her in my life. We had a bond I cannot put into words. I am beyond heartbroken, but full of so many years of loving memories.   

Ms Morgan

The Love of My Life



Contact Me

Jessica Marie Culver  |  Sweet Murmur Art

Minneapolis, MN 55422



Please contact me with any questions about my custom pet paintings and tribute memorial portraits. I'd be happy to take a look at your favorite photos and discuss your special portrait of your furbaby with you.

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